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Apr 23

Can't Believe Bulaga is going to the Packers

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OK, I didn't get the first round pick right, but then again, who did? I will say a couple of things for myself:

  • I was dead set on getting an OT early (not RB or even LB, maybe corner) and so my pick was Charles Brown because I thought he would be the best OT available at the time. The very thought that Bulaga would be there would have tripped an automatic PICK button. Just never expected that...that's what makes the draft so much fun!
  • I was afraid that CJ Spiller would fall to us and become the flash in TT's eye that took us away from what is really important. Then he would have come to GB and been a flash in the pan like he will be at Buffalo. 
  • Most people expect Bulaga NOT to start but they are wrong. With Clifton at LT, we may see him hold his own while Bulaga learns the ropes but Bulaga WILL start...the minute Cliffy's ankle gives way. Count on it!
  • While we're waiting for him to start (which could be for several games to half a season) Bulaga will still be a better player at other positions along the line or perhaps fill in for Tausch as well if necessary
So I didn't get the name right but I got the position right and we are primed for many years of service by Bryan Bulaga ...and many pro bowls!