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Jun 29

Grudge Holding Packer Fan

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Mike Davidsen's latest article on the Top Five Most Exciting Games of the Past Three Seasons revealed a side of my Packer fan nature that I have never been conscious of before.

I'm a bit of a grudge holder.

Seeing Brett connect with Greg Jennings to beat the Broncos in overtime continues to elicit great satisfaction from me. And, the satisfaction didn't just come from sticking it to the Broncos in the waning minutes of that game. No, it went far deeper than that. And farther back too.

I remember the season leading up to the Packers most recent Super Bowl win being a bit of a fight. Teams didn't roll over easily and the Packers earned everything they got. The following year things were a bit different. Aside from stumbling against the Colts, the Pack pretty much walked all over everyone they met. It seemed like back-to-back Super Bowls was just a matter of time.

Unfortunately, in the Super Bowl that year, the Packers played flat and the Broncos played the game of their lives. I realize now that I've never gotten over that one. So, I love seeing the Packers stick it to those lucky suckers any time we can.