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Overpaid Packers

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Overpaid Packer PlayersThe suddenly budget-conscious Packers made the decision to part ways with Nick Barnett's cap-consuming salary at the onset of the 2011 season. The next victim: Mark Tauscher. Which salaries are eating up salary cap room in Green Bay? Here are three players that are earning more than they put out on the field.

Ryan Grant 

Ryan Grant survived a "rumor" of being on the early-season chopping block this July. But, that doesn't mean that the Packers won't shun a copy of his current contract come next March when Grant becomes a free agent. Grant got a big pay day after emerging as the only viable option at running back in 2007, but hasn't exactly been the wrecking ball runner since.

Brandon Chillar 

Brandon Chillar's $21 million deal over five years is downright laughable as the aging veteran isn't even getting a mention for a starting inside linebacker spot. With Barnett gone, Chillar's role as primary backup to both inside linebacker spots is certainly worthy of veteran money - but, $21 million? The Packers clearly whiffed on their plan to expand Chillar's role in Dom Capers' defense.

A.J. Hawk 

Even A.J. Hawk knew that he was too expensive to bring back at the level that his rookie contract escalator specified for 2011. That's why he and his agent agreed to some slight price concessions. In my opinion, Hawk's new contract is still worth more than his contributions at inside linebacker. Unlike the others, though, Hawk has very little risk of being let go.

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+1 # KyleDemerz22 2011-07-28 11:23
I have to disagree with Hawk... he had a lot of heart last year to help lead that defense
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+1 # Mike Davidsen 2011-07-28 11:36
If players were paid by their heart then the Packers wouldn't be able to afford Donald Driver. Sorry, but I don't think Hawk even deserves his restructured contract.

Thanks for reading.
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0 # Brady Augustine 2011-07-28 14:05
I think Grant was carrying his body better in the opener last season than he ever did in his career. Unfortunately the injury and presence of Starks...I can't disagree. However, I expect to see him on the field again this year. Chillar, definitely. Hawk, I am OK with the restructure. He still needs to step up though.
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0 # Mike Davidsen 2011-07-29 07:41
With Chillar's health in question for 2011, the ILB job opposite Bishop could be Hawk's 100% of the time. That means he needs to improve against the pass on third down, a down when Chillar typically filled in. I'll give A.J. the chance to live up to his new deal.
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0 # Jr Augustine 2011-07-30 13:23
Looks like Chillar isn't an issue any more.
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0 # Mike Davidsen 2011-07-30 13:56
Thank goodness. Though, while I'm complaining about his salary here, I'm scared about our depth at ILB now.
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