Tuesday Sep 06

Are you ready for some football?

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OK, now's the time, the NFL listened to the latest Q5 (the NFL needs an enema)  and flushed the system. No more player and owner silence, and even better, no more bloggers posting BS timelines that won't really happen, no more podcasters vamping for hours on end and talking about movies on Packer podcasts, no more waiting. Football is back!

Notice, I used an exclamation point and I HATE exclamation points.

As of today, the NFL players have signed a deal that the owners do NOT need to vote on so we will have ten years of football without any opt-out ...and yes, the plaintiffs in the Brady suit WILL sign off on the deal.

See that, I'm using capital letters...I HATE using capital letters!


So for Packers fans, that means the free agent list is out (so we can watch what free agents other teams pick up) and the facilities open up tomorrow. The Packers will start negotiating rookie contracts and training camp schedule will be finalized by the end of the week when the players report and on Saturday the world champion Green Bay Packers will have their first practice on the road to repeat!

OK this exclamation point thing is kinda growing on me.

Here is an early list of things to watch out for as this season gets officially underway:


  • Free agency frenzy - not who we will pick up but who other NFC North teams like the Bears and the Lions go after 
  • Packers injury situation - especially Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley and Morgan Burnett
  • Status of rookies who have not been able to get "up to speed" yet
  • Will there be any changes in our new, more solid offensive line

In the coming days we will be evaluating each of the NFC North teams, starting with the defending champion Green Bay Packers and moving on to the bevy of tough competition that will have Green Bay circled twice on each of their schedules. During that discussion, most of these topics will be covered.

In the meantime, enjoy the fact that on the sixth of August the Packers will (tentatively) be having their Family Fun Night and preseason games begin the week after that. And it is already the end of July!

OK, one more exclamation point. Can you tell i'm excited? 

Green Bay Packer Nation is pumped about the upcoming football season and ready for some football...and maybe there are more exclamation points in our future.

That's how I see it.


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