Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Brett Favre’s 36 Minutes of Fame


Tonights Hall of Fame ceremony did not disappoint. The “Go Pack Go” chants made it plain that Brett Favre was going into the Hall. And Brett himself gave a heartfelt speech giving accolades to all those who helped him get to this point…including Packers fans.


Chris Berman:

“never has anyone embodied the spirit of a grown man playing a boys game as Brett Favre”

44 miles of passing 508 for touchdowns

321 games started

Yes, this one record is one that may never be eclipsed.

Deanna’s words:

“It was just the love of the game”

“It was just exciting every time he got that snap and dropped back”

Monday night December 22, 2003….”his fear was that he wouldn’t play well”

“That turned into one of the most spectacular games that he ever played in”

“I am honored to present Brett Favre for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame”


“Im gonna ask mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson if I can play the first series tomorrow night”

About mother in law: “I have never thrown an interception that is my fault” according to her


Bonita Favre “Being there for your children is absolutely important”

About his Father:

“Your dad said that he couldn’t wait until the day you were inducted into the Hall of Fame so he could induct you and I said to myself “I will make it to the Hall of Fame so I could

An emotional Brett Favre is interviewed by network Tv after beating the Bears. The Green Bay Packers Traveled to Chicago to play the Bears Sunday night December 31, 2006. Steve Apps-State Journal.

acknowledge the fact of how important he was…this is tougher than any third and fifteen I can assure you…my Father…for those who don’t know would never give praise. “My Dad was my High School football coach and I never had a car.  And on the last hs football game of my HS career what I do remember is sitting outside the coaches office and I overheard the coaches talking and my Father said “I can assure you of one thing about my son…he will play better, he will redeem himself” I spent the rest of my career trying to redeem myself and make him proud… I hope I succeeded…Thank you”

Favre continued and ended up speaking for over 36 minutes:

“Im goin for a world record…and I don’t give a damn!”

“The fans…the fans…I tell you…Packer fans are pretty special.” “Make no mistake about it…I will be remembered as a Packer” “I thank all the fans across the country and in particaular you guys.” “What I am most proud of …what makes me most proud is how I played the game. being real, spontaneous and having fun. When I look back over my 20 years, I can honestly say this there was never one time when I did not give it all I could.” “Work as hard as you possibly can, lay it all on the line and what happens happens.”


Make no mistake about it…Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is a Green Bay Packer!

Go Pack Go!


Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Brett Favre’s 36 Minutes of Fame
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One thought on “Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Brett Favre’s 36 Minutes of Fame

  • August 6, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    So awesome and very very well deserved honor for a man that made WATCHING football AMAZING and fun. Thanks for the great Packer memories, Brett Favre!


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