Hot Read: The Story So Far and Wide Receiver Poll

Ty Montgomery Kick ReturnsThe Packers passing attack will always be dangerous as long as Aaron Rodgers is at the helm. When the Packers lost Jordy Nelson for the season, Packernation called on the young receivers to pick up the mantel, carry the torch. When the Packers signed James Jones, the Packers’ passing attack added a familiar point-scoring weapon. This year’s passing attack is different, and to some extent, that is a good thing.

The Packers offense so far can be characterized as a distribution offense that thus far is missing the big strike option and electricity of Jordy Nelson’s big play threat. At the same time this offense is exciting in its own way. James Jones and Richard Rodgers have made the Packers red-zone offense better. The compressed field has new options for Aaron Rodgers and Aaron is taking advantage. He is spreading the ball around and taking what the defense gives him and, as opposed to last year’s playoffs, he can escape the pocket to extend drives. The offense is exciting, yet more methodical, taking time off the clock and giving the Packers defense a much needed breather on the sideline. This equates to an offense that scores touchdowns and controls time of possession (though the Bears game…not so much). Here is a breakdown of the Packers passing attack going into the Monday night matchup with the Chiefs:

Packers versus Bears

Green Bay Receiving
Davante Adams 4 59 0 25 8
James Jones 4 51 2 34 4
Randall Cobb 5 38 1 10 5
Richard Rodgers 3 27 0 20 3
Eddie Lacy 2 14 0 9 3

Packers versus Seahawks

Green Bay Receiving
Randall Cobb 8 116 0 25 11
Ty Montgomery 4 37 0 17 4
Davante Adams 5 33 0 13 5
James Jones 1 29 1 29 3
Richard Rodgers 3 23 1 9 4
James Starks 4 11 0 6 4

James Jones and Richard Rodgers have been putting points on the board and Cobb is, well, doing what he does. Ty Montgomery played himself into more opportunities and Davante Adams, if healthy, could break out at any time.

Personally, I would like to see Jeff Janis get some playing time to add a speed element and stretch the field like Jordy was able to do.

But who do you think will lead the team in catches in the Monday night game against the Chiefs? Let the world know in the poll below or drop us a line in the comments below or back on the Facebook Fanpage.


Hot Read: The Story So Far and Wide Receiver Poll
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