I stand corrected

I apologize for saying in my prediction post that the experts are picking the Lions to win, That was not what I meant to say, I should have said the experts are saying it will be hard for the Packers to beat the Lions defense, Most of the writers and Vegas odds have the Lions at 7.5 underdogs which is where I disagree! As I stated in my prediction post I believe the Packers dominate this game on offense and defense! And it will be a win by a landslide.

I was being kind to Detroit by giving them 17 points when really I think the defense could pitch a shutout this game! The Lions have been getting lucky with teams like the Bears/Tampa and the Vikings who almost beat them by the way, But my point being is their offense could barely score on them so the Packers defense will not only dominate them they will make them look silly!

As for the Lions defense I will give them credit that is their strenth but when the Pack played them the first game Bulaga was playing in his first game coming off injury and Linsley was playing in his 3rd pro game, Now this O line has 13 games under their belts and have gelled a lot since that first meeting, So I believe they will pass block better this game giving Rodgers time to pick the secondary apart unlike the first game! Also they are run blocking better to open lanes for Lacy, Speaking of, He is running north/south now hitting his holes with power so this game will be like night and day compared to the first meeting!

Again I apologize for misleading the readers by saying the experts picked the Lions to win.



Jeffery Hayes

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Jeffery Hayes is a contributor to greenbaypackernation.com. Jeff was born and raised in Kenosha Wisconsin Currently resides in Brooklyn Wisconsin. Been a Packer fan since the 70's


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  1. Jeff, I hope you are right! I think it will be a tough game and expect it to be close. GB’s defense will have to continue their excellent play or we will lose. I expect a hard fought game and hope we win by 7. The odds are running out on GB’s continuing winning streak on Detroit and their new coach is a winner. Go Pack!

  2. There are a few experts predicting a Lions’ win, but most are trying to catch up in competitions. The ones picking “safely” are picking the Packers.

    7.5 is a big spread in Vegas. Vegas doesn’t actually predict games. Their odds are based solely on how people are betting. EG: If the bets are dead even, there is no spread in Vegas, and when one team is getting more bets, they will have odds in Vegas.

    Lacy’s productive runs occur when Rodgers is under center and hands him the ball as he’s hitting the line with speed. Under center doesn’t allow RBs to go east and west nearly as much, unless it’s a sweep. Both our RBs struggle to get going North and South when handed the ball flat footed from shotgun. In shotgun they’re more likely to run east and west to find a hole to run through. As often as not, we’re called for holding on run plays from shotgun. That’s all on McCarthy’s play calling and personnel packages.

    I think Rodgers is equally effective from both formations. But play action is much more effective from under center at slowing down the opposing pass rush.

    We line up in shotgun way too often for my tastes, and seem to go to shotgun exclusively in the 2nd half of games. Go Pack go!

  3. I hate predictions of this type. Any given game can mean a loss to a seemingly less superior team. Take the loss in New Orleans as an example. Granted we gave up 31 points on poor play calling and turnovers but that’s my point. We can be at just a great of danger to ourselves as the opposing team can. That being said if Aaron and the receivers are on the same page this Sunday I believe we can win this game.

  4. I am SO tired of Terry Bradshaw always picking against that Pack. I don’t know what he has against them, but he never picks them to win. In yesterday’s game, he picked the Lions as his “Lock” to win. Well, at least he is the only one, but I USED to like him.

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