If You Don’t SHARE This…

This is what the Green Bay Packers are about to do to the Seattle Seahawks…and everyone else in their Aaron Rodgersway this coming season…


If You Don’t SHARE This… — 3 Comments

  1. The Pack looked OK, still some what rusty in passing and the off/line did not appear to be any more reliable than last two seasons. The running backs have to hit the hole quickly, or we are in trouble, Raiders and Tenn and Rams are “NOT” real contenders! I have been a packer fan since the Starr era, we want to beat the Seahawks but the Bears have a really good team and the Seahawks beat the “Brakes” off of them Friday, the Bears did not even show up! Don’t be too let down if the world champs put a wupping on us too! They have a better all-around football team.

  2. Neal how can you say the Rams were not real contenders? Their defensive line is one of the best in the NFL and they were stoned by the offense. Granted its a pre-season game and teams play vanilla nut to say they were not contenders is way off target! As for the O line it is still needing some work in the back up area but the starters look pretty solid.

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