It’s Time For Family Night!

Yes, I know…the Packers won’t be scrimmaging at tonights Family Night practice but it is still a familynightchance to see the team practice just before the preseason begins. If you are not in Wisconsin, check the game out here.

And keep in mind, as we have said here at GPN, the MOST important thing for the Packers Training Camp is to stay healthy. Abbrederis has sustained a knee injury already and we do NOT need any starters going down during Family Night. There will be enough risk during the 4 preseason games but if we can survive those…we could have a great start to the 2014 season!

Can’t wait to see the Packers take the field and get a chance to evaluate them albeit from a distance. This is the beginning of the last decisions the coaches make to determine who the final 53 Packers will be this year. It is so exciting to thing that the season is just around the corner.

Well enjoy Family Night and here’s to a team that hopefully comes out of Family Night healthy and sound. Roster cuts are coming and Family Night is the gateway to the preseason. NFL football is BACK!


It’s Time For Family Night!

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