Letroy Guion Being Monitored

Letroy GuionLetroy Guion is back in Green Bay being monitored by the team since his arrest Feb. 3rd on felony possession of marijuana and gun charges. We have been under the impression he would not be back on the team this year but Mike McCarthy made a statement that Letroy was back at home and they have spoken several times and will be watching what goes on with his case closely. Thompson said there will be a lot of water that goes under the bridge before they will know more. But Mike made it seem like if Letroy can clear up the legal side of his life he may have a shot to return to the team and compete this year for another chance at nose tackle. I figure they will either sign Bj Raji to another 1 year prove it deal or he will be competing with Thornton for the job. Either way the Packers have been known for giving second chances like they did Johnny Jolly a few years back.

If he does get cleared what is Packer nations thoughts on him getting another chance? Is he worth it Mike McCarthy Contract Extensionor should the Pack move on?

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Letroy Guion Being Monitored — 18 Comments

  1. What message is this sending to the millions of young football fans in Wisconsin and around the U.S.? This man should be serving a prison sentence like any normal person would be if committing a double felony. But since he is good at pushing people around and stopping running backs on Sundays, he gets away with it. He should be convicted and locked up and serve time for the consequences of his actions. After he has served his time, if McCarthy and the Packers would like to give him another shot, then that’s fine. The moral decline of our society is due, in large part, to the corrupt legal system when it comes to the Cash Cows in professional sports.

    • J.J. Let’s slow down a bit. While I agree with you 100% on sending the wrong message to kids I do not agree with throwing the book at the guy over how a child he doesn’t interact with is influenced. Prison is where you send murders, rapists etc. He was transporting a weapon which wasn’t loaded, had a lock and was also in it’s carry box. He also had plans to register it in Florida. The money was confirmed to be of honestly earned origins of NFL pay and as for the marijuana…Colorado, Washington, and Massachusetts. He was probably just planning on getting all his home boys high and having a little fun. Don’t send a guy up sh*ts creek because you don’t like the Packers.

    • Was this any worse than when Brett admitted he was addicted to pain pills? There’s no difference. A drug is a drug.
      What will you say if Wisconsin decides to legalize it? What will you have to say then?
      I have no clue as to why you are so bitter. Maybe you are jealous that these guys make more money than you do.
      Just get a grip dude.

      • But the fact remains that Favre was on legally prescribed pain killers. That’s completely different from illegal pot and guns.

        And if/when the state of WI makes pot legal, NFL players still have to abide by NFL rules first. Seattle and Denver players already have legalized pot laws, and are still held to NFL rules regarding pot.

  2. a J.j.if Ben Roethlisberger Can rape young girls and the nfl let him back in Guion’s a half a pound of weed should be no problem with the league !

    • It was proven that that story was fabricated. Don’t condemn people on what you hear at first…follow the story all the way to the end.

    • Did you say the same thing when Brett announced he was addicted to pain pills? Apparently you don’t believe in giving a person a second chance.
      I’m sure you weren’t the perfect person either.

      • Trouble Bc of some pot?!? Are there more accident deaths with pot or alcohol? In my opinion it should be leagalized everywhere n that’s coming from someone who doesn’t smoke

        • I’d be more concerned with the gun than the pot. But either way, a player who doesn’t abide by the rules on and off the field is a problem, whether you agree with those rules or not. If he’s found not guilty, I’m all for giving him another chance. But if he’s found guilty, it’s hard for me to justify another chance.

  3. Please Latroy you have been an excellent player for the Packers. You have an awesome future ahead of you in the NFL. Please don’t let drugs make you a has-been. You have team mates and coaches that believe in you. You have fans that love you! Don’t throw all that away just for drugs.
    Even though it’s the off season you are still a Packer. A lot of boys will look up to you. Even though you probably never considered yourself a role model, being in professional sports kind of makes you one.

  4. eman or woman has to make a decision to either clean up their act or…hit the road! So with that said let’s see what he does?? put yourself in that place? maybe your comments wouldn’t be so harsh? not saying he didn’t do something stupid! I’m just saying he needs to man up and be the better man after this!

  5. Letroy; 2 options w/ 2 reasons. Option 1: Kick off the team. Reason 1: Cause his action represents poor descision making skills and thus the reflection can catapult into a team infection. Option 2: Offer a 1 time forgiveness. Reason 2: Provide empathy, punishment, counseling options, and team support.

  6. everyone deserves a second chance they r human like everyone else just in pubic eye they are but part of his punishment should be working in a center where he can see what drugs do to people and not just an AA class hard core clinics but everyone just remember they r as human as us but got a great gift to be an athlete and be in the public eye

  7. Guion claims that the drugs and gun were not his. If that’s proven in court, he is guilty of associating with the wrong people.

    If it’s proven in court that he did not possess the gun or marijuana and he has passed all drug tests by the NFL, it becomes a question of character only. Thompson and McCarthy are basically saying they’d support him in this case. If he’s found guilty of possession, they’ll let him walk.

    As a fan, I believe he’s entitled to a 2nd chance for character, but not entitled to a 2nd chance if found guilty. So I support Packers’ management in this situation. Go Pack go!

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