Packer Nation Wants Johnny Jolly Back

Johnny Jolly PackersThe Packers haven’t ruled out bringing Johnny Jolly back now that he’s been cleared to play football. So we asked Packer Nation to vote on whether or not you’re in favor of giving Jolly a third chance. The results were overwhelming…

95% of you want to see Johnny Jolly wearing green and gold in 2014. Jolly’s story is truly moving. After making a complete mess of his life and spending time in prison, he finds a way to become an impact player for the Packers despite being three years removed from the game. We were all cheering for him to just make the team and he did more than just make the team, he found his way back onto the field.

His most recent roadblock, the injury is just another way for Johnny to show that he’s strong enough to plow through everything life throws at him. He’s surmounted all the typical obstacles a player faces as they climb from high school football, to college career, to making it into the NFL, but he’s done so much more than that.

It’s hard not to root for the guy.

Throughout, the Packers have shown that they’re an organization that cares about more than just what a player can do on the field. In bringing back Jolly the first time, the Packers showed that they care about developing more than just technique. They care about developing upstanding men who use their high profile position to make their community and country a better place to live.

Will the Packers bring back Jolly for another round. Time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, if they do, Packer Nation will once again be cheering for him to succeed.

Packer Nation Wants Johnny Jolly Back
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