Packer Pride Meme: Randall Cobb…Packer People!

Yes, Randall Cobb stands to make a lot of money with his new contract. But if reports are true, he took less to stay in Green Bay. Loyalty is not yet dead…and Packer Pride is alive and WELL! Spread it around like wildfire!

Go Pack!




Packer Pride Meme: Randall Cobb…Packer People! — 10 Comments

  1. So great to see this. I don’t care who you are, it’s takes a special person and situation to NOT turn down millions.

  2. Randall Cobb made the smart move. He is only 25 years old and with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the football for at least the next 4 years he will put up huge numbers which in the long run will make him a lot more money in his next contract at age 29 than if he had signed for more now with the Raiders or Jaguars. Not saying Cobb does not love playing for the Packers but let’s not get carried away with the loyalty play.

  3. Three things:
    Cobb’s numbers are the sum of Jordy Nelson being nearly constantly double-covered, PLUS the arm and Fiel generalship of Aaron Rodgers. Cobb’s skill alone didn’t put him in thig golden bargaining position.

    Cobb showed great maturity in his decision to pass up bigger money in the short run, for even greater skill and power later. Look for his free agency in 2019 to cause serious heart palpitations in Green Bay and around the league.

    As Randall Cobb’s star rises, watch opposing defenses have keniptions trying to decide whom to double-cover. Jordy Nelson will have a record year in the 2015-2016 season!

    • Love Nelson, but hit he did drop more passes last year besides the double coverage. They are both solid. My cencern is williams and how the defense is gonna stay tight or get better. If we dont sign more money to williams we will have shields, but that limits us from being as flexible next year. If thats the case. I was sad to see woodson go anyways, so i guess we shall see.

  4. Randall Cobb is one of that players that we have pleasure to watch and we know he’s pride to play for Green Bay, as we can see in his plays. #gopackgo

  5. This deal made perfect sense for Cobb and The Pack. We have his services for 4 more yrs plus he will generate numbers that will get him paid again with a new contract at age 29. Win/win deal. Plus he will probably maximize off field earnings because of where he is and who he is, whereas in another market with a lesser qb, he would’nt necessarily thrive like he will here.

  6. I think he looked at the greg jennings deal, decided Mr. Rodgers neighbourhood is a nice place to become a star in this league

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