Packer Receivers of History: Boyd Dowler

Packer Receivers of History: Boyd Dowler

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Boyd Dowler made an immediate statement by leading the Packers in receptions in his rookie season and he was a key factor in the Packers’ rise back to NFL dominance.

Dowler arrived in Green Bay in 1959 following the Packers’ worst season in franchise history. Drafted in the third round that year, Boyd played all 12 games in his rookie season. In that season Dowler was paid a whopping $8000. He did so well his rookie season that he earned an unheard of raise up to $10,000.

Dowler spent ten seasons with the team from 1959 to 1969. In that time, he amassed 6918 yards and scored 40 touchdowns. He played on every one of the championship teams during the awe-inspiring run of the 1960s.

The 6’5″ 225 lb Dowler was a formidable target for Bart Starr in those years. Difficult to defend and tough to bring down, he was a nightmare for defenders.

Despite being the primary target throughout the season, Boyd didn’t contribute to the Super Bowl wins as much as he would have liked. Injury plagued him on and off throughout his career and but him hard in the Super Bowls where the Packers turned to Max McGee to replace the injured Dowler.

In 1969, Dowler was the leading receiver only once as younger receivers eclipsed him. But, that was in keeping with Dowler’s character as he played the game to contribute whatever he could to the team as a whole rather that to gain personal fame. Then, at the end of the 1969 season, Dowler called it quits on a great career, with an amazing team, in the most unstoppable dynasty of its storied history.


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  1. Boyd Dowler is my fathers 3rd cousin, but have never met and now that my father has passed, I am the last of the Dowler family left in Oregon/ Washington area I am on a quest to meet my cousin someday, not only for myself but for my father as well. If anybody knows his whereabouts you can friend me on FB thanks.

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