Packers Add Undrafted Free Agents

arodThe end of the draft signals the beginning of the undrafted free-agent signing frenzy. The Packers added sixteen to the roster. After a defense heavy draft, the undrafted rookies are almost all offensive players. The additions include another handful of wide receivers, which should make Aaron Rodgers very happy. Competition will be fierce for these guys to find a roster spot on a loaded team but who knows, maybe the next Sam Shields is in the mix.

Here is a list of those 16 players the Packers have signed so far (according to Press-Gazette):draft logo

Wide receivers: Javess Blue, Kentucky; Ricky Collins, Texas A&M-Commerce; Adrian Coxson, Stony Brook; Jimmie Hunt, Missouri; Larry Pinkard, Old Dominion.

Running backs: Malcolm Agnew, Southern Illinois; John Crockett, North Dakota State; Alonzo Harris, Louisiana-Lafayette; Raymond Maples, Army.

Tight end: Mitchell Henry, Western Kentucky.

Offensive linemen: Fabbians Ebbele, Arizona; Matt Rotheram, Pittsburgh; Marcus Reed, Fayetteville State.

Defensive tackle: Lavon Hooks, Mississippi.

Outside linebacker: Tavarus Dantzler, Bethune-Cookman.

Cornerback: Bernard Blake, Colorado State.

Players invited to Green Bay on a tryout are Alabama quarterback Blake Sims, Buffalo offensive lineman Jake Silas, Colorado State-Pueblo defensive lineman Josh Bredl, and BYU defensive back Skye PoVey.


Packers Add Undrafted Free Agents — 12 Comments

  1. Go Pack I hope you have enough strength to take care of those receivers out there. Seattle has alot of speed, they can eat us up real fast. So work hard boys. I am on your side for life. GO PAC

  2. Thank u green bay for giving john Crockett a chance he GAVE north Dakota state an excellent run game he will be like Lacey GO PACK GO

  3. GO PACKERS NATION!! Find the guy in the back field with the ball and make him eat it! Never forget the late great Vince Lombarbi or the great Mike McCarthy God bless Them and the players. On to the 50th Superbowl!!

  4. Here is kind of surprise question is Javess Blue, Kentucky one person Randal Cobb throw passes to when he was at KY.

  5. I commented earlier sometimes you find a diamond in the rough….I have a feeling we will find several! GO PACK GO!

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