Packers in London in 2016: Fulfilling Two Passions at Once

Packers London 2016You’ve probably heard the news that the Packers may be playing an away game in London in 2016. For me, traveling to such a game would fulfill two passions at once.

  1. I’d get to attend a Packer game
  2. I’d get to experience another culture

You probably already know how much I love the Packers. In fact, you wouldn’t be reading this right now if not for my love of this game and this team. But, you may not know that I also love learning about other cultures.

This game would have it all.

If I had my way, I’d tour the entire United Kingdom for the week prior to the game (visiting with Packer Nation UK all along the way — Insert shoutout to all our UK friends) and then culminate the trip by shouting my lungs out as the Packers stampede over their opponent in London.

It would be fun.

But, it looks like it might not happen. That’s because the Jaguars are chicken. Oh, they couch it in more NFL appropriate terms like, “We’re reluctant to give up home games against the Packers,” but if we’re calling a spade a spade…

They’re chicken.

Still, Mark Murphy will continue to try to convince Shad Kahn that the Packers are the team the Jaguars want to play in London in 2016. Maybe Mark will convince him and I can start planning my 2016 vacation. Who knows?

One thing I do know is that the way Ted Thompson is constructing this young, talented team, they’ll be a serious danger for any team to face in 2016 and for many years to come.

Packers in London in 2016: Fulfilling Two Passions at Once
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