Packers Opportunities Await

As hard as it is to see the Detroit Lions on top of the division, they are the team that has stormed real12thmanback from behind to win close games when it mattered. The Packers have one such game under their belt but with the loss to the Saints, the Lions go a game up.

But the Packers have opportunities ahead of them with their toughest second-half opponents having to come to Lambeau as the weather declines. The Eagles, Patriots, Falcons, and finally the Lions all have to travel to Green Bay down the stretch. The final game of the season could once again be loaded with meaning as final seeding is decided in the playoffs. Julius Peppers PackersThis has been a season of shakeup, with the Cowboys having just lost to the Redskins and awaiting news on Tony Romo’s back injury. The NFC in particular is anybody’s conference and the Packers need to step up.

Hopefully a bye week sees the Packers regain their health and their taste for winning. We have to hope that Aaron Rodgers hamstring does not become one of the nagging injuries that hamstrings are notorious for being. With a healthy Rodgers, this team can still do great things. Especially when Eddie Lacy makes major contributions like he did against the Saints. But the Packers need to find the endzone early and often if they are going to beat good teams down the stretch.

All is far from lost Packernation. If the season ended today, the Packers would be expected to be a 6th seed, and we have done great things from low seeding in the past. But there is no doubt that this team needs to take a long look inside and begin to rise to the occasion against upper eschelon teams.

…And there will be plenty of good teams for them to prove it against…


Packers Opportunities Await
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One thought on “Packers Opportunities Await

  • October 30, 2014 at 2:55 am

    While finding the end zone will be important for the Packers to get wins, bigger problems may be preventing the opponents from finding the end zone and getting our offense on the field to score points.

    GB is currently 21st for rushing yards on offense, and 32nd for rushing yards allowed on D. Those stats may prove more important to getting into and being successful in the playoffs than how many times we get into the end zone on offense.

    Who’d have guessed that we’d be ranked so badly on both sides of the ball in the run game after the season Lacy/Starks had last year, and the “improvements” on D this off-season? Surely not I says me. :(


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