Packers Release Jones, Now Jonesin’ For A New ILB?

brad jonesBy cutting Brad Jones the Packers freed up 3.5 million in cap with only 1 million dead money today. But what intrigues me most is that Thompson has shown his hand so to speak before the draft. We all knew ILB was going to be a position of need but by releasing Jones it now becomes a must 1st round pick in my opinion. If the Packers would have waited until after the draft they could have taken a NT or DT for the first pick and waited on the ILB, ajI believe the Packers will bench Hawk as a back up this year or cut him as well but with only one year left on his contract Thompson might keep him just for his leadership to teach these new linebackers one last year. Although if they did cut him it would free up another 3.5 million in cap space so who knows?

Rumor has it that the Packers have scheduled interviews with McKinney and Perryman and as I stated before either one of these two would be a plug and play ILB but Kendricks is the one I really hope falls to 30, In the last week though he has jumped to the front of the ILB spot to go first at that position in the draft so it is very unlikely he drops to the Pack.

Watching the combine today they had the TE’s competing and Maxx Williams out of Minnesota really looked good and he may drop to a 2nd or 3rd round pick so if he is there in the second for the Pack I would bet they take him.

Cornerbacks will be another position they will be looking at if Williams and House both walk so looking forward to watching them this weekend.

Go Pack Go!



Packers Release Jones, Now Jonesin’ For A New ILB? — 5 Comments

  1. Jeff,

    I don’t think it’s a must first round selection, but it’s a must selection in the first 3 rounds. I also think TT is going to have to dip into the ILB FA pool (which isn’t half bad) as well. With the news about Hawk’s ankle injury coming out today, I’d bet he’s back. But I DO NOT want to see him playing as anything but a reserve.

    That leaves Barrington, Bradford (who knows what will happen there)… and that’s it. Not enough. Need a FA and 1 (preferably 2) draft picks.

  2. I very much doubt that there will be a good ILB available at pick 30. Also don’t see anyone in FA that stands out as a “must have”.

    I think we’re stuck with Thomas and Hubbard developing along with Barrington. But Palmer and Mulumba are likely easily upgraded with later draft picks or FA. Go Pack go!

  3. Their is great ILB in every draft. Seattle got Wagner in the mid 2nd Rd. GB needs to beef up their D 1st then turn to O last! I would cut Hawk and save more there. That’s a no Brainer to me, should be the same for the Coaching/GM as well.

  4. I would agree the need is D line and ILB. The release of Jones was obvious (hey look…a dumb penalty!). 3.5 for Hawk in reserve is not bad. I think its obvious to the football world as well that the need is ILB for the pack, releasing Jones makes no difference to that view. I would prefer Perryman if he gets there.

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