Is Eddie Lacy the Packers’ Next Perennial Back?

Eddie LacyRyan Grant, Ahman Green, Dorsey Levens, Edgar Bennett… these are some names we all know well. Not only did these backs give the Packers the potential of a 20 yard explosion at any given time, they also had long tenures with the Packers.

Since Grant effectively closed out his career as the primary back at Green Bay, the Packers have been looking for someone to fill the void and become the next perennial running back.

Have the Packers finally found that back in Eddie Lacy? The following video clips show some of the potential Lacy brings to the green and gold.

Eddie Lacy – One Cut and Power

Very few running backs have the talent to go very far east and west and still gain yardage (ie Barry Sanders). Lacy does a good job of finding the hole, making a quick cut, and getting back north and south again quickly. Then he finishes the run with power.

Lacy Patiently Follows Blockers

Holes don’t always open up right away. Sometimes you need to patiently follow your blockers.

The Big Back Can Still Bounce Outside

Lacy is able to make people miss, which is quite impressive for a running back of his size. Check out how quickly he bounces to the outside on this play.

Another Receiving Target for Aaron Rodgers

I’ve always said a two yard catch and run is as good as a handoff any day, but the running back has to be able to catch the ball in the first place. Lacy shows he can be just as dangerous in the passing game as he is in the running game.

Multiple Cuts – Still North and South

Finally, a clip showing that even when Eddie is making multiple cuts to make defenders miss he gets north and south again each time and does it quickly.

Is Eddie Lacy the Packers’ Next Perennial Back?
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