Packers vs Lions

Aaron Rodgers 2016 NFL Dream TeamIt was a tale of two halves


The first half:

Rodgers & Co. looked like 2014 form with quick passes resulting in positive yards. The first drive only took 3:38 to score a TD to Davante Adams on a short crossing route, what I liked most was Rodgers was getting the ball out of his hand under 2 seconds. The second drive started with a smart play from Montgomery when he used his football smarts knowing if his foot is out of bounds and the kick off is in bounds the ball will be placed on the 40 yard line so with good field position Rodgers made quick work on first down on a strike to Nelson running down the middle. The play went to the 11 and two plays later once again Rodgers hit Jordy for another TD.

Rodgers was spreading the ball around which kept the Lions defense off balance. McCarthy finally let Lacy get more touches this game and it showed he needs at least 20 to get in a groove, the more Eddie runs the better this team will get.  It opens the field for the passing game. Even if Lacy only gets a yard on his first few carries it makes them drop a safety in the box so Rodgers, who looked to get his mojo back this game, can pick apart the secondary.

The defense once again was stout on stopping the run even without five starters for this game. Nick Perry showed that when he is healthy he can be a dominant force on the outside, besides the bonehead move with the throat slash gesture I was very impressed with his play.

Brian Price who was brought up from the practice squad along with Christian Ringo played stellar ball which bodes well for this team. It gives them depth at a position we thought was wearing thin.

All in all the way both sides played this half it resulted in a fast start going into the locker with a 34-10 leadJordy Nelson 2016 Preseason


The second half

Let me start by saying I was right there with most fans saying why take the foot off the gas? Then I realized by playing the way they did in the second half they were reducing chances of more injuries to an already depleted defense.

Damarious Randall has had a rough two games but the kid is a baller and will only get better as the season progresses. How we all forget he was making game changing plays his rookie season so having a few bad plays isn’t the end of the world.

I do believe they need to clean up some plays with covering the TE’s. The zone coverage needs to tighten up. When the corner lets the player slide by expecting the safety to pick him up but they’re too far apart and QB’s are able to hit their man in the soft spot. But with a tighter safety it will make it harder to do this but it does risk the big play if the safety lets someone get behind them.

Besides those few small details to clean up I don’t have a lot to rant about so if you want to add some rants or raves please leave a comment below or on our face book home page.



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Packers vs Lions

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