Pre-season Schedule Announced

jordy nelsonThe NFL announced its 2015 pre-season schedule just moments ago. Games begin on August 9 with the Hall of Fame game featuring the Pittsburg Steelers versus the Minnesota Vikings. And that Packers will face the Patriots and Steelers…here how the weeks lay out…

Week 1: August 13-17

Green Bay at New Englanddownload

Week 2: August 20-24

Green Bay at Pittsburg

Week 3: August 27-30

Philadelphia at Green Bay

Week 4: September 3-4

New Orleans at Green Bay

So that is your pre-season rundown for the Green Bay Packers. I know it is just pre-season, but I am still pumped to think about how close the draft is…and how close the Packers are to starting another run for the TITLE!

Go Pack!


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