Predicting the Eagles Game

This Sunday is a game that has two teams with the same style of Eddie Lacy is Backplay going head to head. The Packers and Eagles’ offenses are up-tempo, often running the no huddle. Both defenses have struggled this year at stopping the run but if Matthews plays ILB this game and dominates like he did against the Bears it could be a long day for Sproles and McCoy, While Eddie Lacy has struggled running the ball this year I believe he could have a good game if they give him the ball 15 plus times. With the screen pass back into his arsenal he could have the best game of the year in rushing and receiving yards.

The defense will need to contain McCoy/Sproles to under 100 yds. to make Sanchez rely on his arm to stay with the Packers explosive offense, If this happens the Packers will have the edge since I believe their secondary is Superior. The Packers secondary, when healthy has been pretty good in coverage, With Shields and Williams back this game they should be able to hold Sanchez to a minimum on passing yardage.
Aaron Rodgers StatsLast year it was Aaron Rodgers with a collarbone injury and Tolzien playing as their backup, The tides are turned this year with Nick Foles out with a collarbone injury and Sanchez playing as the Eagles backup, While he is considered a backup we all know Sanchez is a seasoned veteran and has played very well since taking over so the secondary will have to play well. The Packers lost 27-13 to the Eagles last year with Tolzien at the helm but with Rodgers leading the team he is 2-0 versus the Eagle and this will be his first start against them at Lambeau field,  This alone gives him the edge to dominate their defense,
With this being said, I believe the Packers passing game versus the Eagles run game and vice-versa should result in a Packers win, 28-17.
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Predicting the Eagles Game
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