Proof-Positive Preseason Games Aren’t Meaningless

Brett Hundley PackersEvery time the preseason rolls around there are naysayers who decry the games as meaningless. While I understand what they mean (the score is meaningless and the win/loss is meaningless). But, the games are far from meaningless.

The Packers’ preseason game against the Patriots is a perfect example.

Prior to the matchup between the Packers and Patriots, rookie QB Brett Hundley was a typical rookie. He showed some good stuff and he showed some bad stuff.

Then he hit the field against the Patriots and things changed for the better… much better.

Brett looked confident and consistent against the Patriots’ 2s and 3s. He completed 66% of his passes and scored a touchdown. His production on Thursday was just the type of confidence booster Hundley apparently needed to make another step forward in training camp.

Coming off his solid Thursday performance, Brett has been throwing confidently and throwing into tighter windows than he would have attempted just a week or so ago.

I really like Brett a lot and think he has a ton of room for growth despite looking really good early on. I’m really excited to see him continue his development over the next couple weeks and will be looking forward to the kind of showing he gives us in the final preseason game when he’ll get a bunch more snaps.

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Proof-Positive Preseason Games Aren’t Meaningless
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