Quick Slant: Dec. 9, 2013 Packer Possibilities

Oh, what a difference a week makes! The dream is still alive…and thanks to the Detroit Lions, the win against the Falcons is all the sweeter because Green Bay smells the faint aroma of…no, not sweaty jerseys and smelly socks (well, yeah that too but) the smell of possibilities…

2013 Playoffs
The Packers are still in the hunt for the NFC North.

Possibility One: if the Lions can lose to Philadelphia…they can lose to the Ravens, Giants, and/or Vikings.

Possibility Two: With the win against the Falcons…Packers fans can hope that the Rodgerless stretch is                              over.

Possibility Three: If Aaron is back in action, the Packers could run the table including a win against the Bears                           during the last game of the season at Soldier Field.

And if those things fall in place…well then the real goal of this season could start to come into focus again. Each week we will start seeing teams mathematically eliminated for playoff contention. This week, the Packers will not be one of those teams. In fact, depending on the Monday night game in which the Bears face the Dallas Cowboys (a team also playing for a division title), we could see the picture brighten a bit more if Chicago stumbles. All this to say there are still three teams in the hunt for the NFC North Title, and Green Bay is still one of them. But what do you think? Will we make it in? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.

Stay proud!

Quick Slant: Dec. 9, 2013 Packer Possibilities

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