Quickslant: Dec. 20, 2013 – The “Balanced Attack” Pack is Back

Well packernation, Sunday will be here way too soon and we can of course expect to see a heavy dose

Aaron Rodgers Contract Talks
Aaron Rodgers will again watch from the sidelines as his team battles the Steelers with the season at stake.

Eddie Lacy (and Starks as Lacy will need some rest) in this game. The bad news that we all we kind of expecting…no Aaron Rodgers for this game. The good news…the game is at Lambeau and Matt Flynn has had another week taking starter snaps to prepare.

This one should be a doozy! Not nearly the team we met last week…we won’t be able to hope for a second comeback like last Sunday. Here is what I expect to see:

  • The Packers ground game should have success against a 19th ranked Pittsburg rush defense. This will be key.
  • Matt Flynn will do enough in the passing game (remember our definition of balance is having the weapons to execute rush or pass based on what the defense shows and be successful). I think the crowd is gonna help Matt feel like the Minnesota game and be successful.
  • I expect…yes, expect to see the defense spend a full four quarters playing like they did in the second half of the Cowboys game. We will be missing Johnny Jolly for sure (get well soon big bro!) but he is gonna totally Obi Wan this defense as a vocal leader on the sideline. He’ll be stronger even though he is gone.
  • Against us is this…and don’t count it out. It will be difficult for the team to recapture the kind of emotion the Cowboys comeback brings. It is natural to have a let down in these situations. At Lambeau for all the marbles though…I think we’ll be fine

Stay proud!

Quickslant: Dec. 20, 2013 – The “Balanced Attack” Pack is Back

3 thoughts on “Quickslant: Dec. 20, 2013 – The “Balanced Attack” Pack is Back

  • December 21, 2013 at 4:20 am

    It would be a DREAM COME TRUE if I could see a PACKER GAME! And YES I will always stay proud of my GREEN BAY PACKERS…… GO PACK GO

  • December 28, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    ive been a true packers fan since 1968 when i saw my first packers game on tv and been a packers fan ever since. i will never give up on the packers and never will.
    truly a packers fan in fl, go pack go

  • December 28, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    i went to the packers and cowboys game it was great to see my pack in person.


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