Quickslant: Dec. 6th, 2013 – “For All The Marbles”

So here it is…every game from here on out is “for all the marbles”.

A little over a month ago I posted a series of articles on the new-found success of the offensive attack of the Green Bay Packers particularly the running game.  In that series of articles I highlighted how important the continuity offensive line has been to the success of Green Bay’s ground game.. Oh how the tide has turned. Ever since the injuries to Don Barclay and Evan Dietrich-Smith, the O-line has failed to protect the passer or Aaron Rodgers Contract Talksmake the same kinds of running lanes we saw earlier in the season. Sometimes the best proof comes from a negative example and that’s exactly what we saw  particularly in the Detroit games.

The Atlanta Falcons are 30th in the league at stopping the run so hopefully in a possibly snow-covered Lambeau Field, we will be able to get back to a little success even though it looks like the line continuity will be questionable at best. And if we give Matt Flynn just a little more time when we have to pass (and we WILL have to pass), he will turn in a performance that more closely matches the Vikings game than the Giants game.

That’s not to say that Green Bay doesn’t have to stop the run too (learn to tackle?) and the special teams won’t factor into it…they will but in my estimation the line play is the critical factor in this game. If the line plays well, it is possible there will be an elite quarterback behind them next week. Here’s hopin’ we get it done…and GO PACK!

Quickslant: Dec. 6th, 2013 – “For All The Marbles”

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