Quickslant: I am LOVING the tempo

We have talked about how the Packers would have to shorten their routes and use Eddie Lacy out of 2014 Packersthe backfield to reach play count goal that McCarthy has for this team. Well, we are seeing it. I am LOVING the tempo of this Packers team.

It’s not just going “no huddle”, there’s more to it than that. The Packers put the Rams against the ropes…and then pushed. I see three things that I like about the Packers no huddle offense in this game.

Aaron Rodgers release is lightning quick

Aaron Rodgers was delivering the ball like the rush delivery man at Fed Ex. He was decisive and distributed the ball to several receivers including (leading receiver) Eddie Lacy. Andrew Quarless also had a good game and of course it was good to see Jordy Nelson get in the mix.

Aaron’s delivery is faster than anyone on the planet and Green Bay is going to need that to throw over pressure and keep moving the chains.

The play-calling was spot on

We got to see what we all expected…Eddie Lacy catching balls out of the backfield. But I loved the mix of run and pass and the fact that the passing routes tended to be shorter. I’ve said before that for the Packers to get in 75 plays a game, they have to throw more short passes. The first touchdown took 12 plays but only took like five minutes. This is the recipe that will make defenses just want games to end. The pressure can’t get there on time when the play call is right and with Rodgers delivering the ball so fast. This will gas defenses…fast.

The communication was seamless

Running the no huddle offense takes seamless communication. The Packers looked like they had been running this way for years. Of course the St. Louis defense was not throwing the kitchen sink at them but the pre-snap calls were good.

Show me more

I can’t wait to see the Packers no huddle offense this year during the regular season. If the play calling, delivery, and communication are as good as they were in the first two series of this game, it could be a real benefit for the Pack.


Quickslant: I am LOVING the tempo
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One thought on “Quickslant: I am LOVING the tempo

  • August 17, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Way too many penalties which took points off the board. But the tempo and results were amazing. Good to see Rodgers throw more timing routes, and he can still extend plays when needed. If this team remains healthy, some records should fall this year.


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