Randall Cobb…SIGNED!!!

Randall Cobb got his contract today, and he will be staying right here in Green Bay!

090911_Randall-Cobb_400The Packers multi-purpose slot receiver has agreed to a four-year, $40 million contract with $17 million guaranteed to remain with the Packers, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported. Cobb had six to seven offers on Saturday and turned down considerably more money elsewhere to sign with the Packers, where he felt comfortable.

After a career season in which he caught 91 passes for 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns, Cobb was considered one of the premier players set to hit free agency and ranked fourth on Around The NFL‘s Top 101 free agents.

Wow! What a class act!!! Randall Cobb is a Packer!!! What do you have to say, Packernation???


Randall Cobb…SIGNED!!! — 28 Comments

  1. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Randall you want regret it. You now will become a part of history. Instead of falling into nowhere in couple years. Packers are historical team…and you taking a lesser offer to stay shows class. And integrity …Thank you ! I will buy your Jersey now….lol
    Daniel j Leeder

  2. This is great news. Very reasonable salary for a player of his caliber. Clearly Cobb saw the field with #12 at the helm and compared that to Carr and other options and went “nah”. He puts himself and more importantly the team into a prime position for more SB titles. And let’s not forget he can always score again in 4 years when he is only 28 and can drop another contract with the pack or another team. Brilliant move by TT. Thank you Randall! Now on to Mr. Bulaga. 5 years, 23 guaranteed.

  3. Scheffler reported, Rapoport rereported. 😉

    Glad Cobb is staying put but wish it hadn’t come to the last expensive minute. Now to get Bulaga signed. :) Go Pack go!

  4. So glad to see Cobb understands his value in regards to legacy…he can be a ‘historic Packer” in many regards.

  5. Randall Cobb you, the Packers and your agent are fantastic..best of luck this year…will be rooting for you and the rest of the Packers…Go Pack Go

  6. So very relieved!! I was just sick to think we might lose Randall! So glad to know he truly wants to be a Packer! Can’t wait till next season!

  7. Ok, so now we can relax. Have been waiting for this great news. Love you Randall for being a true Packer. Can’t wait until next season.

  8. my wife says whe wants to sleep with RCobb just to say thanks for being a Packer. Of course she said the same thing every everytime he caugh a pass in a Packer uniform. I would get upset, heck anything for the green and gold! Go Pack Go

  9. Smart, smart young man! He realized that Green Bay was his best opportunity for many play-off runs and Super Bowl chances. Nowhere else in the league, no matter the money, would he have an Aaron Rogers to throw him the ball.

  10. Prayers do get answer sometime… thank you management for bring back a good guy and a outstanding player…… the right move…..

  11. THANK YOU RANDALL!!!!!!! What a class act makes me all warm and fuzzy. I could not have been upset with him had he took a higher pay deal but a smart man he is as it shows in every part of his being. A great team player an awesome locker room guy outstanding work ethic and some of the best hands in all of football with the tuffness of a linebacker!!!And that doesn’t mention what an awesome roll model he is for our youth!!!!! Honestly has single handedly won us games. Thank you Randall I am so happy for you and for me and all Packer fans. A Great Day in packer history!!!

  12. Wow! Is he Donald Driver’s younger brother? Seems to have the same charcter. What a class guy! can’t wait to root for Randall the next few years!

  13. Great decision between our PACKERS & THE COBB-STER!! I was a bit upset when I heard he was thinking about leaving.. Am smiling now!!!!

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