Rodgers’ Best Season???

Aaron Rodgers has got to be happy with this off-season. Yes, for all the obvious reasons…picked up three Aaron Rodgers Durabilityreceivers and a potential Jermichael Finley replacement in the draft. Also drafted our first pure center in awhile. Rodgers has gone on record saying that he wants a center that will stick around for a bit..we will see.

Here is a laundry list of things we can be excited about as a new season quickly approaches (and this is NOT exhaustive):

  1. Picked up help in safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
  2. Got Datone Jones amped up to make a step forward this year.
  3. Clay Matthews health coupled with the acquisition of Julius Peppers…woot!
  4. D-line with Raji at NT and Daniels coming on, will we get Johnny Jolly back?
  5. A coaching staff that is not afraid to promise improvements
  6. Wide receiver depth (above) that was unexpected after the departure of James Jones
  7. Aaron Rodgers healthy and…
  8. O line health and depth with the return of Bulaga and Sherrod

Oh yeah, and that last one…that’s the most exciting for me. I think this season has the potential to be Aaron Rodgers’ best so far, partly because I expect the defense to play better but I think this O-line is gonna shine and that will make defenses quake in their boots.

The tackle position will have some competition with Brian Bulaga back and Barclay having turned in an admirable performance. Bakhatiari showed himself to be a pleasant surprise at left tackle especially for a rookie in a position that is generally responsible for the backside pass rusher. And it sounds like Derek Sherrod is primed for a good year too. If you are like me, it is hard not to expect the injury bug to bite Green Bay…hard. But if we can stay healthy, and the O-line gels…they could be a big surprise upgrade this year. Add to that the fact that nobody on the line will forget what it was like to play without Aaron Rodgers…matter of pride guys! I think they will step up. I love Josh Sitton and can’t wait to see how Corey Linsley develops, though the center position may still be a question mark which could be cause for concern.

We know what Aaron Rodgers can do, but he has to be upright to do it. We have potential answers at TE, WR, oh…and that guy Eddie Lacy along with DuJuan Harris who is back might be cause for concern among defenses…think?

While the running game and not relying on the pass as much as in the past may make some of Aaron Rodgers’ stats a little less impressive (more balanced), I think this could be his best year ever. The pieces are in place but the pride of this team still stings a little from last year. I can’t wait for football to roll back into town and to watch the Packers roll all over opponents!

Go Pack!


Rodgers’ Best Season??? — 3 Comments

  1. I will tell you why the Green Bay Packers will win the Superbowl this year. Dom Capers, The Blitz is on! With the Addition of Julius Peppers and now Mathews on the Opposite side the Packers will have one of the best duo linebackers blitzing in. other than that eddie lacy who isnt a rookie anymore as well as Aaron Rodgers, Hmmm 😉

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