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The Packers 30-20 win over the Lions yesterday kept the home field winning streak alive as well as imagesthe Packers NFC North title reign. With this win the Packers locked up #2 seed and a first round bye that was much needed to help Rodgers injured calf get time to heal. Speaking of which how many of you thought the Packers were doomed soon as Aaron went down right before the half and needed to be carted off to the locker room for evaluation? I know my heart dropped.


Not too much to rant about with a win but I for one think McCarthy’s play-calling in the red zone is hurting this team, And when they could not get in the end-zone on 3 plays he needs to take the sure points, This is two weeks in a row now he has tried and failed and in a close game calls like that could be the difference in a win or loss.

Even though Hyde had a TD on a punt return the special teams play is just horrible and Slocum has not been able to correct the problems all year, Its time for a change at years end.

My biggest rant would have to be B. Jones, WHY does Capers/McCarthy keep playing this guy?
He had 0 tackles 0 pass defenses the whole game! The only thing he did was get a foul for hitting the QB in the head that gave the Lions a first down that led to 7 points! This man should have been in the unemployment line a long time ago plain and simple!


real12thmanHow about this QB? Is he one tough cookie or what? Aaron showed his ability to play through pain this game and still perform at a high level. I hate to say it but maybe being hurt actually helped to win this game. “Why?” you might ask? The reason being is he was less mobile and his game plan changed to pound the ball more with Lacy/Starks for one but the main thing that caught my attention was he stood in the shot gun and hit short quick passes across the middle to his weapons like R. Rodgers/Cobb and Nelson (Who by the way is the first receiver to break 1500 yards in one season for the Pack with 98 catches for 1519 yards) This is the same type of passes Brady and the Pats used to defeat the Lions defense earlier. When a defense can get a good pass rush with their front 4 like the Lions/Seattle these types of passes can work very well.

Lets talk about defense! Just 8 games ago right before the bye week everyone was wanting Capers head on the blocks including myself but I am big enough to admit when I’m wrong and that’s exactly what I will do. Since Capers made the move of Matthews inside and put Barrington along side him the run defense has done a 180, He has finally put together the right schemes for the right personnel that makes this defense look like a super bowl contender.

Ok, we now have 2 weeks to wait until we can watch our beloved team play again I for one will be hoping Detroit beats Dallas next week so they have to go to Seattle then the Packers will get either Carolina or Arizona and I don’t care which one because I think they beat which ever but if Dallas wins then The Pack plays them and while I think they can win it would be a much tougher game since Dallas is a hot team right now going into the post season. Best case scenario would be Detroit wins out as does the Pack then they play the NFC title game against the Lions at home once again and put a 2nd butt whoopin on them to send them home crying once again :)

Let me know what scenarios you would like to see happen.

Go Pack Go!



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  1. Consistently agree with you Jeff. The punt return by Hyde took Mike off the hook for an abysmal series of play calls at the goal line. Brad Jones is awful. What a dumb and unnecessary slap to the face of Stafford. Like you say, he should have been gone years ago.

  2. I just hope Mc Carthy is aware of those short quick passes will open the running game against who ever. I also like cool in the backfield, and the screen pass is something to work on to.

  3. I agree with your rants. Ridiculous to go for it on 4th and goal, take the points. I’d add that it was equally dumb to go for FG from 50+ in that weather. Should have gone for it there, instead of giving up 7 more yards to Detroit. McCarthy struggles to call big games. And Brad Jones should not see the field unless we have no one else healthy on the roster. He doesn’t make the roster on any other team. I’d also add Matt Flynn. We have no chance to win any game with him at backup, should be Tolzien at backup. Our offense dies when Flynn steps on the field.

    Also agree with Raves for the most part. If that doesn’t lock up Rodgers for MVP, nothing does. We have no chance of winning any game with Flynn at backup. Nelson played well, but Cobb was also huge in this game and was the difference in my opinion.

    My “perfect playoff” scenario is quite different to yours. I’d rather beat Dallas at home, Seattle in Seattle, and NE at the SB. This is definitely a tougher road. If any of the top contenders are taken down by someone else, there will be fans of those teams saying GB couldn’t have beaten their team, and I’d prefer to put that talk to bed by beating them. In order to be the best, we have to beat the best. Go Pack go! :)

    • I would normally agree David but with Rodgers playing injured I would much rather see them get to the bowl with easy wins instead of fighting tough defenses right now.

      • It’s a pulled calf muscle. It’s painful, but not career threatening. It should be healed well in 2 weeks. We play the cards that are dealt to us in life. As great as Rodgers is, he’s no iron man and needs to earn his pay against good teams as well as not so good teams.

        A SB won by going through the best teams would mean worth much more to me than going through teams we’ve already beaten during the season. We should be huge favorites against the Panthers and Cards with a 3rd string QB. That’s not my idea of playoff football. We may not even be favored against Dallas, and definitely won’t be against Seattle in their house. That’s the kind of games I’d rather play and win. Go Pack go! :)

  4. I call for the head of commissioner Rodger Gidell!As well as Suh-both should be fired and banned from the NFL forever!Both have made a mockery of sportsmanship as well as the honor of the game year after year!The only way this must end is with the banning both FOREVER! Xia Xeon-Go Pack Go!

    • I agree that Roger has made a mockery out of player safety with his relaxed penalties for repeat offenders. All players rely upon the rules to make the game safe for them, and can’t depend on the process to ensure their safety.

      But a bigger problem is the NFLPA and the NFL paying arbitrators. This arbitrator should be a completely separate entity from pro football. As with any union, it’s the bad employees who benefit more than good employees. Dirty players benefit from a dirty system.

      The NFL rules violations should be similar to AFL. If you appeal, you risk a higher penalty if decision goes against you. Guilty is guilty, the punishment should be laid out for every offense, not negotiable, and not possible to be reduced under appeal.

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