R&R Packers vs Jags

jaguars_vs_packersWith a 27-23 win over the Jags you could see the team has a little work to do on both offense & defense, by not playing much in the preseason the rust was very visible.


It amazes me how Adams can drop a pass which should be caught then go make a catch which most will drop, it’s his inconsistency that really bothers me at times.

Not sure if it’s the play called or its design but Lacy running a sweep or trying to get around the corner is crazy, he isn’t fast enough. When he runs up the gut he punishes people even if he only gets a yard it’s a better play than when he runs sideline to sideline. Most of the time he loses yards when he tries to get to the edge.

Communication was horrible. One play on the goal line Rodgers handed the ball to Starks for a run but half the line pulled back for a pass play resulting in loss of yards. On another play the line was suppose to pull left and went right, it’s little mistakes which result in big losses so hopefully they can get on the same page next week.

Rollins had a tough time trying to cover the tight ends in the slot, he seemed to be watching the QB too often and not actually staying with his man which resulted in some big plays.

I know the sun was brutal this game but two punts left to bounce and get pinned near the goal line wasn’t played well. If Hyde was having a problem seeing the ball then after the first punt they should have fitted him with a dark visor.

The defense give up way to many 4th down plays even though they stopped the last one which ultimately won the game if they had stopped the other 4 this game would not have been close.

Hope what we saw from Peppers this game isn’t what we are going to see moving forward. He was irrelevant this game…I can’t remember hearing his name called once.


It was a WIN, enough said…

With Shields injured and Gunter cramped, Capers turned to Randall and Rollins to fortify the outside. Hyde handled the nickel. Morgan Burnett was put into the slot as a corner in the dime. and they played pretty well.

Jacob Schum had 4 punts for a 46 yard average his long of 56 yards wasn’t too bad for his debut, he did shank one punt but other than that not too shabby.

Aaron Rodgers carried this game. His stats, 20/34 199 yrds, 2 TD’s and 0 Int’s don’t jump off the charts but he did enough to win.

Daniels and Guion are the hero’s on defense, those two played stellar ball in 110 degree heat, imagine how hot it was for those big guys. They played most of the snaps and rightfully so being the veterans and they stopped the Jags run game all day.

While there were a few big plays across the middle I still liked what I saw from both Martinez and Ryan, they will get better as the season rolls on and solidifying the ILB position was a big need. By doing so it keeps Matthews on the edge rushing the QB where ge belongs.

Ok I know ya all been waiting for this rave, “Nelson is back baby!” It was nice to hear Rodgers to Nelson for a TD called once again. It took a while for the two to get going but you could see them Jordy Nelson 2015melding as the game went on as long as Jordy stays healthy this year the passing game will be hard to stop.

Cobb back as his best role, the #2 slot receiver was playing like his old self, he was the leading receiver this game. It was a scary moment when he left the game looking like a flash back of last season but he returned and played good ball.

Ok I could go on and on but we want to hear from you so post a comment below or on our FB home page.

Thanks, Jeff

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R&R Packers vs Jags
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