Rumor Mill: Packers Looking to Add a Wide Receiver

Jared AbbrederisThere have been rumors that the Packers have been serious about adding a veteran wide receiver this offseason. Am I the only one scratchin’ my head over that? Names being dropped include Wes Welker and Greg Jennings saw fit to mention that he was open to a reconciliation with the Packers. The Jennings story sounds more like Greg desperately seeking another contract, willing to retract everything he ever said about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers in hopes of making some more money and having a chance to get another ring. 

But to me, a Packers team that is complete at wide receiver and already has Jeff Janis in the wings Brandon Spikesand Jared Abbrederis coming back from injury should maybe focus on additions on the defensive side of the ball. I think Ted Thompson has a track record of making sure there are plenty of wider receivers rotating in from all angles for Aaron Rodgers, and this is good. But with a defense that had issues stopping the run and had to move Clay Matthews inside (a move that Clay was NOT happy about I am convinced) and the Packers letting Jones and Hawk both go….it would be reassuring to at least hear some rumors that we were pursuing some defensive players as well. Of course, the rumor mill is the rumor mill and the Packers always keep their acquisition interests close to the vest so there is no way to know for sure. Jamari Lattimore is reportedly visiting the Jets and I don’t think that Rolando McClain is “Packer People” but maybe a guy like Brandon Spikes would put a veteran presence in with Sam Barrington.

But what do you think? If you were Ted Thompson, what would your priority be? The free agent pool is getting thin and the draft is getting closer, what is your call? Choose as many items as you wish.




Rumor Mill: Packers Looking to Add a Wide Receiver — 4 Comments

  1. Signing a free agent for the sake of saying you signed a free agent is foolish. This year’s free agent class is rather weak. Yes, there is a definite need at Inside Linebacker and Spikes is probably the best candidate but Spikes is not someone that can cover receivers which is something the Packers want and need from their linebackers. As usual Thompson will use the draft to find young talent. There are a few candidates that can do the job at inside linebacker. In my opinion, the most complete inside linebacker is Kendricks from UCLA, although he may not be available when it’s the Packers’ turn. If that’s the case, I think you’ll see the Packers either draft a Corner like Kevin Johnson from Wake Forest or Collins from LSU. They are both over 6 feet tall and can cover the taller wide receivers.

  2. The GM & staff have done their usual cost-benefit analysis of available players. I suspect that they’re open to signing either o and/or d players who they believe could benefit the team. They’re likely talking to several agents, while also preparing for the draft. It’s obvious both starting ILBs will be new. Wonder how capers & MM feel/think about possibly having 2 rookies in the middle of the D?

  3. I don’t think we need any more WRs at this point. Janis is very, very fast. Abbre has Nelson-ish potential. Both can contribute on ST.

    I’m not impressed with anyone still available in FA. While I’m happy that we didn’t over spend in FA, I’m also disappointed that we haven’t signed Raji, House, and another CB in FA. The longer this lingers, the more likely that another team signs Raji. I think House will prove worthy of his contract. With holes at NT, DE, ILB, and CB, it boggles my mind that Mr. Thompson has failed to use FA to his advantage. Draft and develop is fine, as long as you don’t develop players for other teams and don’t avoid FA altogether. I don’t believe in relying upon any one philosophy to build the team (draft, trade, FA). They’re all valuable tools and should be taken advantage of, to some extent.

    As well as Thompson has done with the offense, he’s struggled to keep the defense stocked with good players. D has never seemed to be a priority for McCarthy and Thompson, which is strange since McCarthy often puts games in the hands of the D at the end. Go Pack go!

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