Scenarios Abound: A Critical Meeting Forthcoming

noah spenceAs the draft nears and pro days and meetings take place, players “stock” becomes more and more volatile. Teams pull their cards ever closer to their vests and news of meetings or scout pleadings becomes more and more veiled. 

However, first round scenarios abound and from time to time, they are correct. Ha Ha Clinton Dix was this player back in 2014…largely favored and finally chosen. This year, linebackers Lee and Ragland seem destined to go before the Packers would be able to choose one to bolster the linebacker corps. Even if one of the two would find a way to go into a tailspin and drop, no one would expect either one to get past the now Bruce Irvin-less Seahawks who pick at 26.

Friday the Packers are set to meet with Noah Spence on Friday and contrary to popular belief, teams don’t meet with players only to throw other teams off the scent of the players they truly covet (though it can be part of the equation). Player meetings cost money and they are set with players that a team is legitimately interested in and want to know more about. Spence is a first round talent who, due to his exit from the Ohio State program, has teams Spidey Sense tingling about character issues. This makes it possible (or even likely) that Spence will be available when the Packers make their pick. Now, Spence homers will say that he is a top ten pick no doubt but others will make mention of the fact that Spence had lesser competition to deal with after he left Ohio State. To me, it his performance off the field that is critical. Doing drugs and then lying about it…that is tough to overcome.

So the Packers’ brass will bring him in. I believe their stance is that they have a talented kid who made some mistakes but the kind of mistakes that tend to repeat themselves (Johnny Jolly). The Packers would love to be part of the solution for Spence but he will have to be persuasive. If he is not, he may be passed by well into the second round. But if the Ravens (who are serious about taking him early and meeting with him as well) take the gambit that Spence will be available early in round two, and the meeting with the Packers is satisfying to Ted Thompson, it could get interesting.

If this guy is truly on the road to recovery, however, he could be a welcome addition to the Packers family and a great story of mistakes being the very best teachers.

Go Pack!

Scenarios Abound: A Critical Meeting Forthcoming
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2 thoughts on “Scenarios Abound: A Critical Meeting Forthcoming

  • April 6, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    l love the intrigue around this idea! What makes it all the more enticing is TT has been known to give 2nd chances, Jolly and Lyerla come to mind. With the Pack perennially drafting late in the round, it takes a scenario like this to play out so GB can land a high ranked prospect. Out of curiosity I scanned the ‘experts’ at nfl, cbs, drafttek, etc..and only one had Spence off the board by 27. Most had him dropping to the second round. It could happen! Its fun to think about the upside.

    • April 7, 2016 at 2:36 pm

      Yeah, I think there is more than smoke and mirrors going on. And if the Pack could get the “reward” on ONE high risk, high reward player…it could be the difference! Thanks for reading!


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