Schedule Released!

So we’ve known since December who the Packers opponents will be and whether we will play them home reveor away, but tonight the NFL released the actual game schedules during a 3 hour special on the Network. Here is what I got from the Packers schedule:

NFC North rivals: Packers fans know that Green Bay will play some good quarterbacks twice each this season against the Lions and the Bears…and after the draft, the Vikings may have a new quarterback as well…and yes, it makes us nervous because of the underachieving of our defensive backfield last season. But with some guys healthy and with the addition of Julius Peppers along with some defensive draft picks, the Packers remain the favorite in the NFC North…depending on what they do in some of the other match-ups that are out of Division. These out of division match-ups could be crucial though they are always secondary to beating the division opponents. Here is the Packers 2014 schedule:

Week 1: At Seattle…this could be a doozy!

Week 2: Jets come to Green Bay to try to make a point

Week 3: Green Bay at the Lions early in the season. This will be a good win to get under our belt!

Week 4: At Bears for another division opponent away…get the the Bears at home later? I will TAKE it!

Week 5: Thursday night, the Vikings come to Lambeau to get theirs!

Week 6: Packers at the Dolphins… a good away matchup.

Week 7: Panthers come to town to be tamed.

Week 8: Rodgers vs. Brees? Oh yeah, that’s big time!

Week 9: Bye – like to see it past the midpoint of the season

Week 10: Bears comin’ ta town!

Week 11: Eagles come into Lambeau…this is a good team and NOT to be overlooked.

Week 12: Packers need to visit the Vikings and keep things going.

Week 13: The Patriots visit Green Bay and folks, this could be a statement!

Week 14: Monday night and the Falcons have to travel…this one will NOT favor the Falcons!

Week 15: Packers have to travel to take on the Bills, but this should be a win.

Week 16: Packers close out at the Buccaneers…meeting Lovie…and showin’ him NO LOVE!

Week 17: Lions for a second time.

Wow! Packernation…the schedule is out and Green Bay can make a statement if they can bring their defense back from a less than acceptable season. What do you think? Make your opinion known in the comments below! Go Pack!



Schedule Released! — 1 Comment

  1. I dearly love my Packers. I will say that we have to have a better defense this year or we’re going to be in trouble. Our offense last season was fantastic. We have to get it together this year. Lets dig in and put the other teams in their place.
    I love you guys and have faith in you. So lets go PACKERS!!!!

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