The Mike McCarthy Way

What was previously Potts Avenue in Green Bay Wisconsin has become Mike McCarthy Way. The mike conferencehonor of having a street in Green Bay named after a head coach has been reserved for coaches who bring Lombardi trophies back to Titletown. Mike McCarthy has earned this honor. But here’s what surprised me:

Mike McCarthy’s style of coaching, while not emotionless, has been one of calculating risk and executing solutions. McCarthy is an organizer, a thinker and a relentless pursuer of goals and targets. It is rare that he let’s his emotions get the best of him. The Mike McCarthy way has carefully and consistently made the Packers a contender.

That is why when watching McCarthy’s acceptance of the street sign, I was surprised when he got choked up. Wow…what that tells me is that coach McCarthy GETS IT. The first thing he mentioned was that the honor was a reflection of the hard work and success of the team and organization. But for a thinker/organizer of a coach to show emotion in that situation shows us how much he cares about the team, the fans and the organization.

sbSo congratulations coach, you’ve earned it. You did not have an easy road and you dealt with both victory and defeat with dignity. The Green Bay Packers are about championships and you brought us one. Good luck this season and let’s go get another!


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