These are the Games that Make NFL Football Great

This afternoon’s game is the kind of game that makes the NFL great. The rising star of Aaron Aaron Rodgers StatsRodgers versus the Setting sun of Tom Brady. Two defenses evenly matched and at the same time we have to assume outmatched against two quarterbacks who have been called “future Hall of Famers”. Running backs that know how to pound the ball and two teams that know how to win championships…it goes down NOW!

What could be better than this matchup for the Packers, who have the opportunity to keep pushing toward what could become a number one seed if the Cardinals (minus Palmer) falter. What could be better than a Patriots team, led by Tom Brady, who is fighting to stay on top of the AFC and in their own right, beat a path to the Super Bowl straight through their home field.

2013 Playoffs
It’s not a playoff game, but it has a playoff feel…and playoff implications!

Savor these moments, and these games Packernation. These are the games that make NFL football great. It’s not the Super Bowl, it’s not even a playoff game, but it is a football match made in heaven.

And where better to have this clash of Titans? Lambeau Field, Titletown USA. A venue inundated with fans and dripping with history. The most storied franchise in the NFL, the home of the Green Bay Packers.

So Let’s Go Pack! Aaron, do what you do. We know you are the wildcard in this game with not just your accuracy and ability to make throws from anywhere to anywhere on the field, but also with your ability to pick up necessary yards with your mobility when the pocket breaks down.

Let’s go Lacy! Go git ’em boy! Point your nose toward that goal line and do some truckin! The only thing defenders are gonna do is add a “destination endzone” stamp on your luggage as you pass them by! Let’s show them who has the best running game.

Let’s go defense! It’s time for that badass attitude to show through again. We are up against the best clayteam in the AFC and now is the time to protect your house! We deliver the blows, we push the front, we punch the offense in the mouth! If you continue to rise to the occasion, you will be the cream on top of this rich NFL no matter what the rankings say.

Go Pack…go pack…go Pack…GO PACK!!!

These are the Games that Make NFL Football Great
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One thought on “These are the Games that Make NFL Football Great

  • December 1, 2014 at 2:36 am

    Good game packers keep up the good work, I pray you win this year for my daughter linette who passed away last month at 33 year old.she loved the go all the way to super bowl in her honor.God Bless


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