Things That Will Never Happen in Green Bay

Lambeau Field PackedThe other day I was curious to see Mariota play a little bit. So, I pulled up the replay of the game, which was a preseason game one match up between the Titans and the Atlanta Falcons. As the camera panned across the stands during the opening kickoff I was dumbfounded.Falcons Preseason Stands 2015The sight of all those empty stands shocked me because, growing up in Wisconsin, you never, ever saw something like that. It didn’t matter that the team was so terrible they were fighting for last place in the division every year. It didn’t matter that the temperatures were cold enough to freeze Vodka. Those stands were packed.

The entire lot of them might be bundled to the teeth just to stave off the cold. They might be standing their drenched in a torrential downpour. But, they were there, cheering on the Packers.

In fact, it never mattered that the game might be out of reach halfway through the fourth quarter. Those stands were packed.

When the green and gold are in the NFC Championship and icicles are forming on blaze orange face masks, Lambeau Field is stuffed to the rafters. And, when the Packers are playing an intrasquad scrimmage and the rain is coming so hard that the team never even makes it onto the field, Lambeau Field is overflowing.

There is only one reason for this… We are Packer fans, and there is nobody like us!

Things That Will Never Happen in Green Bay
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2 thoughts on “Things That Will Never Happen in Green Bay

    • August 27, 2015 at 6:34 pm

      It sure is great to be a Packer fan.


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