This…Was SO RIGHT!

Sometimes we have to look back on a season that ended in disappointment and find the good. Our Packers team gave away a game against the Seahawks that would have put them up against the Patriots, a team they had already beaten and had no reason to fear. Today, for the first time…I re-watched the NFC Championship game. One thing I noticed had nothing to do with the game but was almost prophetic in its truth. Packers fans know that early in this league’s history the NFC championship was the Championship. This year, that early NFL reality came back into being. But I was surprised to find this sentiment in 2014…and it did come true. Check out the pic below and comment as you see fit Packernation:

Real Super Bowl


This…Was SO RIGHT! — 3 Comments

  1. So true and so many little things came into play as well. Maybe AR would have been more spectacular without a sore calf, maybe the play calling would have been different without the sore leg, if they didn’t blow the Bills game, the SeaChickens would have been freezing their giblets off at Lambeau and Bill is right, you play not to lose and you will always get in trouble. How many times over the decades have we seen teams do the same thing. The Prevent Defense is named justly because it prevents you from winning usually. It always give the other team 10 and 15 yd passes to complete and we should have gone for TDs instead of FGs. Seattle would have been on their 1 yd line and they didn’t have an offense that was rolling in the first half. There were lots of lessons learned whether or not McCarthy will admit it or not but it will in his mind the entire off season and every game next year as well. Packers will be the Super Bowl 50 Champions next year.

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