Thompsons offseason moves and futures options

draft logoWith the free agent frenzy fading away and the draft right around the corner many are wondering if Thompson made the right choices so far this offseason.

He was able to sign two major players in Bulaga and Cobb, then getting Raji and Guion on a one year prove it contract that didn’t come close to breaking the bank, (basically getting two for the price of one) and both being veteran NT’s he was able to solidify the middle of the defensive line. He was also able to sign Tolzien to a one year deal who in my personal opinion is a better choice than Flynn this year. McCarthy stated Tolzien has come a long way since training under Rodgers much like Rodgers did under Favre, I think Scott will be a very reliable back up to Aaron this year. Its also rumored the brass is bringing in Bryce Petty for a private workout if this is true then they could have a really good 3rd string QB on the roster this year as well, not sure if they would draft a QB in the second round which is where Petty is slated to be picked so not quite sure if this is going to happen. I think they will do like last year and pick up a UDFA for cheap to keep on the practice squad as a camp arm and extreme emergencies in case heaven forbid Aaron and Scott both go down with injuries.

  • Cornerback is a major issue and I am sure will be addressed this year first and foremost in the ttdraft. My guess is they take Kevin Johnson from Wake Forest in the first round, I know most are freaking out with the ILB position also but the way McCarthy speaks about Barrington and Bradford I think he believes they have their starting inside linebackers already on the roster, they also have Thomas who as I stated in another post was making a bid for the 53 last year before he was injured. Then there is Nate Palmer and the new guy they just signed from the ILF Josh Francis, They also have options with moving Hubbard inside so the inside is not a high priority position in the draft, I think one of the following four will be around in the second round for the Packer to pick:
  • Anthony(Clemson)
  • Perryman(Miami)
  • Wilson(Georgia)
  • Pullard(Southern California)

So, if any one of these are around they would be good picks to step in and learn for a year instead of being thrust into action, Same could be said about CB Johnson even though he would be ready as a starter and I think Hayward has earned his chance and will be Williams replacement this year.

Let me know what your opinions are about the choices made so far and some of your thoughts on what position should be addressed in the first two rounds of the draft.

Go Pack Go!



Thompsons offseason moves and futures options
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3 thoughts on “Thompsons offseason moves and futures options

  • April 4, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    How would you feel if they went another direction in the first round and grabbed Devin Funchess?

    • April 4, 2015 at 5:28 pm

      Jeff I believe if they go TE it will be Williams instead of Funchess

  • April 4, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    The end of the day it will be BPA. I agree that corner and ilb are the big needs and TT generally goes with who fits the board. I personally hope they go inside as the talent pool is there relative to potential projects, which they already have. Hayward is likely to get the starter spot this year and he deserves it.


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