Three Things at Halftime…

OK Packernation, we have to wait to see what the situation is on Aaron Rodgers. But in the meantime the Packers still have a job to do. Here are three thoughts during halftime:

1. Get better Aaron!

real12thmanHere is your chance to say “Get well soon!” to Aaron Rodgers as we wait for more information on his injury.

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2. Go get ’em Matt!

With Aaron’s situation in doubt, I for one am glad we have Matt Flynn in as backup. Flynn knows the Packers’ system and though it is FAR from ideal, he has shown he can lead this team. Go get ’em Matt! The defense and the O-line need to understand though that it is time for them to SHINE! Detroit showed with a quick score that they can get points on the board…no more. This Detroit team has been begging to lose for a long time but has taken their games generally with the second half of play. Watch out Packers…don’t get complacent. Git ‘er DONE!

3. Randall Cobb could be the hero090911_Randall-Cobb_400

With his ability to run out of the backfield, Randall Cobb’s versatility could shine through in the second half of this game. We all know that the Lions will try to stack the box and take away Eddie Lacy forcing Flynn to throw. It is a guy like Cobb who can be the difference maker in that scenario. We may not get the Jordy Nelson shot play that we are used to seeing at Lambeau folks, this could be a gritty win. But it NEEDS to be a WIN nonetheless!

Go Pack!


Three Things at Halftime…
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  • December 28, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    What is ment to be will be


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