Tramon Williams Missed Tackle or…

Tramon Williams vs BengalsDuring the Bengals first drive of the day on Sunday, Tramon Williams missed tackling Sanu on the sidelines and allowed him to race up the sidelines for 32 before M.D. Jennings pushed him out of bounds. While Tramon should have made that tackle, the replay tells a bit of a different story about the play.

The truth on that play was NOT that Tramon missed a tackle. What’s more concerning is that Tramon missed an INT. Watch the play again in the clip below. Tramon reads Dalton’s eyes and makes a break on the ball. He’s got both hands in front of the receiver in an effort to make a pick.

The thing about this play that concerns me is that Tramon reads the play fine. It’s a well-thrown ball, but he make his break at the right time. He’s just not able to get there in time to make the grab. Is he simply off balance? Or, is Tramon’s body not able to respond like it has in previous seasons?

I’m pretty convinced that the Tramon Williams of 2010 would have made that break and that INT. It would have ended the drive and negated the points that eventually hit the scoreboard.

So, I wonder how Tramon will handle that. Will he be more reluctant to go for the INT in the future? Will he sit back and be content to play with one arm around the defender’s back while trying to knock the pass down in the future? It will be interesting to see.

Tramon Williams Missed Tackle or…
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