VIDEO: Eddie Lacy Highlights

Eddie Lacy vs AtlantaEddie Lacy has been such a great addition to the Packers team. Every time I watch him run, I get stoked for the 2015 season when the Packers roll out a team renewed with new young talent and, perhaps, a free agent acquisition or two. But whatever the case, Eddie Lacy is going to be a big part of the Packers success in 2015. Here is to Eddie…stay healthy and keep truckin!

source: Tony Strings…give him a sub if you like the vid!


VIDEO: Eddie Lacy Highlights — 4 Comments

  1. One of the BEST picks TT has ever made by far. This youngman will be a HOF’er before his career is done barring any career ending injuries.

    • the video was great…and I would love to share it but the music with all the nigga and f words just is not something that I think reflects Lacy or the Packers. great video…poor choice of music in my opinion.

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