VOTE: The NFL’s Greatest Game

VOTE here and SHARE! The NFL’s greatest game! has created a bracket by which fans votecan vote for the greatest game and I think Packernation needs to make a statement here. The interface for voting is pretty cool…it’s a bracket with a preview for each game. Yeah, it’s arbitrary but here is the important part. The “Ice Bowl” of 1967 is on the list and we need to make sure it gets recognized.

If the Ice Bowl is recognized as the greatest game in NFL history, then it will once again reinforce 1961 Packers Championshipthe fact that the “Super Bowl” is just a name for the championship between the NFC and AFC and even in the first two years of the Super Bowl, the real championship was the NFC Championship. The Packers are often disrespected by the notion that the Super Bowl is the only championship in the NFL that counts. How many out there have had this conversation with a Steelers fan? I have, and I put him straight right quick.

Help set the record straight…the Packers have more championships than anyone else…bar none! The number is 13, and it will be 14 in ’15 got it! Go Pack!


The Packers are far and away the greatest team in NFL history, let’s make sure the Ice Bowl gets recognized as the greatest game…VOTE here:

VOTE for the greatest game in NFL history 

VOTE: The NFL’s Greatest Game
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