Well Wishes For All Hurt In Lightning Strike

Americas PackThe NFL is very careful about keeping fans out of harm’s way during potentially threatening storms. Apparently though, there was a lightning strike at Raymond James after the game yesterday. The AP is reporting that a dozen people are recovering after an indirect lightning strike on Raymond James Stadium. According to Tampa Fire and Rescue, the strike affected fans on their way to their cars in lot 14. Seven people were taken to the hospital and another 4-5 were going on their own to be looked at according to Yahoo Sports. Everyone is reported as in stable condition though.

Regardless of fan affiliation, we want to wish all those affected in this event a quick recovery and return to health and happiness for Christmas. We think all of Packernation will agree that it is a tragedy when anyone gets hurt before or after watching a football game. We compete, we love our team and we even compare the game they play to battle, but part of the beauty of sports is that competition can take place without getting hurt. In football, players do get hurt from time to time and no one wishes even that but it is tragic to hear that people got hurt just walking back to their cars from this game.

Our thoughts, hopes, and prayers are with you all.


Green Bay Packer Nation

Well Wishes For All Hurt In Lightning Strike

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