What 2 Watch 4: The Offseason Ends TODAY!

Well, even though it is not the regular season, the offseason ends today. Packernation will be once gbhaagain able to see their team collide with an opponent for the first time since the end of last season. In a year in which even Family Night did not have a scrimmage, Packers fans should be pretty pumped.

Well we all know that the starters will be taking very few reps until the third preseason game and we also know that the Packers are not going to be pulling out all the stops in the preseason anyway. The defenses will be pretty vanilla and the offense won’t likely be very tricky or complex yet. The point is to highlight the play of individual players when they are given the opportunity, not to test whether they know every last detail of every concept to the Nth degree.

But there is a lot that we will see that will be exciting. Here are some things that I can’t wait to watch for but be sure to check out our poll and leave me a comment as well.

Aaron Rodgers

This guy is poetry in motion. He is like Peyton Manning with wheels (which is one of the keys to 2014 Packersthe Packers success against the Seahawks on opening day). I know he will only play a couple snaps…maybe a couple series but I can’t wait to see him behind center again. In particular, I would like to see Rodgers and the receiver corps get into a rhythm early (especially since the defenses will be basic) and just get back the chemistry that they had last season. I expect we will run the ball to protect Rodgers too but I for one would rather watch a protected Rodgers get the ball out quickly than throw our premier running back at defenders too much this preseason.

Assault and Peppers

I know I’ve said it before, but I am really stoked about what Julius Peppers does for this team and what opportunities having him will create not just for Clay Matthews, but for our D-line and inside linebackers as well. I am not certain that Clay is gonna play, and if he does, he is not going to be trying to kill himself out there but just to see the two on the field is enough for me right now. I know that the first time we see their true ability will likely be against the Seahawks, but again, it is enough for me right now just to get a chance to see these guys and what they can do for the team.

The kid that “jumps out”

Mike McCarthy has said several times that what he looks for in these games is for young players to make big plays that jump out at him and convince him to give the young man more playing time. Guys like Khyri Thornton (read more here) and Jeff Janis will be looking to convince coach McCarthy of just that.

What I am sure of is that some rookie will stand out…but who will it be? Who do you think will stand out?

What draft pick will "jump out" tonight against the Titans?

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Well this and other questions will begin to be answered tonight as the Packers take on the Titans. The games are admittedly not nearly as exciting as regular season games because of their focus, but they are important nonetheless.

So enjoy the game and watching this team come together…and GO PACK!!!



What 2 Watch 4: The Offseason Ends TODAY! — 2 Comments

  1. I could only vote for one rookie to jump out so I went with Bradford I believe this young man is the future QB nightmare for this team but I also think Janis is going to show case his talents very well in these pre-season game to solidify a spot on the 53.

  2. I think several of the mentioned players will perform well, but I had to go with “other”. Watch for Joe Thomas to make the most of his limited snaps at ILB. :)

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