What We Learned Against the Colts

           A young secondary is also an inconsistent secondary. Amidst the early season struggles have been flashes of greatness out of the Green Bay secondary. However, Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck brought out the worst in the group in the second half of Sunday’s loss. Reggie Wayne had his way against an overall talented set of players.

            The coaching staff needs to take more accountability for the Packers’ struggles. Dom Capers let Luck and Drew Brees have their way against the Packers D over the past two weeks. No matter the situation, a head coach should always take the some blame when his team blows an 18-point halftime lead. These coaches have felt pressure in the past and will certainly feel it again if Green Bay can’t rebound.

Aaron Rodgers is not his 2011 self. We probably recognized this two weeks ago but it needs to be reiterated. Rodgers’ decision making has been unusually poor through five weeks of the regular season, seen in his four interceptions. It was going to be tough to match last year’s feat but the Packers need Rodgers to play better.

Alex Green has value as a third down back. Green showed some burst on several runs against Indianapolis. However, Green has been at his best on draws and short passes rather than inside the tackles. There is no telling how the Packers will use James Starks when he’s fully healthy but I foresee a system relying heavily on Cedric Benson and Green.

What We Learned Against the Colts

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