Wild Card!

Jordy Nelson 2015Every year at the draft, Ted Thompson throws a wrench in PackerNation’s expectations. This year the Packers went into the off-season with one position that needed no embellishment. The only serious free agent pickup (Cook) had given the Packers another passing option and the anticipated return of Jordy Nelson were indicators of an up-arrow for the Packers’ wide receiver corps. The promising finishes of Abby, Janis and Ty Montgomery before he went down due to injury signaled good things to come. Add this up…along with the fact that James Jones (and even Anquan Boldin) remained unsigned meant that if there was one position that the Packers did not need help in was the wide receiver position…enter Trevor Davis, the wild card.

There is one reason and one reason only why a guy like Trevor Davis could shake up a wide receiver corps like that of the Packers. But that one reason could make a difference for the rest of the group…in fact, someone may be out of a job before all is said and done. It is the simple fact that Ted Thompson picked him. In the fifth round of the draft this year, Ted Thompson saw a 4.41 guy still on the board…6’2″ but light at under 190 lbs. Thompson saw potential and has always been one to keep horses in the stable for Aaron Rodgers…he made the pick.

Now one thing we all know about Ted Thompson is that he hangs on to his draft picks. Especially after just one training camp, the Packers are going to find a way to hang on to a developmental guy like Davis, they always do. But will he keep on the practice squad? I think not. This means that the Packers will likely keep Davis on the roster (citing his special teams ability if he flashes) to insure he does not make an early exit. That is the wild card that sets all the questions in motion.

If the Packers keep six wideouts, Nelson and Cobb obviously get the nod. Ty Montgomery isn’t going anywhere unless he has problems with the injury and regardless of whatTy Montgomery Training Camp many in PackerNation think, Davante Adams isn’t going anywhere either. That is four of the six…now, if Trevor Davis is kept, it leaves one remaining slot for either Jeff Janis, whose late-game heroics gave the Packers a chance to overcome the Cardinals, or Jared Abbrederis, who has been extolled by none other than Mike McCarthy himself for his route-running ability.

Yikes! These guys are both developmental guys as well remember, just coming into their own. Could they really be threatened by a fifth rounder? Yeah, they could. It will come down to who the Packers think they can hide easier. The Packers (who for years have proved that speed isn’t everything in the NFL) have been subtly looking to get faster and Davis fits this bill. But Janis is fast too and also carries a load. His performance in the Cardinals game raised some eyebrows, and some questions as to why he hadn’t seen more playing time. But route running is critical too and Jared has taken leaps and bounds in that regard while working on his strength.

It all comes down to the Packers wanting to have plenty of options in case of injury. But while James Jones would hop on a plane at any time to once again don the Green and Gold, the Packers continue to focus on getting younger. Trevor Davis is in a position to shake up the picture here in a couple weeks. With an extra pre-season game to play, there will be plenty of snaps for these guys to duke it out.

Even if they don’t go with the wild card… it will be a wild ride.

Go Pack!



Wild Card!
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