You Be The GM: VOTE for Who You Would Sign!

Tramon WilliamsThis morning I mentioned a post that Chris Wesseling had put up about the remaining free agents that are considered “second tier”, a term that may mean nothing more than that they have not been signed to huge contracts in the first week or two of free agency. We polled Packernation to see what position group the Packers and Ted Thompson should pursue in free agency. Here are the results:

Inside Linebacker

37% of poll respondents wanted the Packers to go after an inside linebacker. This may be because there has been some doubt as to whether the ILB’s that might be available in this year’s draft will really be an answer to the Packers interior travails. If the Packers can sign a free agent inside linebacker it may not be an answer, but it might just be insurance, and if nothing else (for the right price) it will be depth.


This year’s draft is pretty stacked at cornerback, yet 27% of voters wanted to see the Packers get a ttdeal done for a cornerback before the draft at the end of April. Could that be the constituency that wants Tramon Williams back?

Interior D-lineman

An interior lineman also seems to be of interest to Packernation, garnering 24% of the vote. I happen to agree. I think Vince Wilfork would be a Pickett-esque acquisition…not flashy but significant nonetheless. Not only would Wilfork bring a big-bodied presence on the inside and more than that, he has Super Bowl experience.

 Weigh in Packernation!

Here is an abbreviated list of the remaining players in free agency. Who do you think the Packers should sign?




You Be The GM: VOTE for Who You Would Sign! — 2 Comments

  1. Thompson is known for keeping his own and while TW is getting old he is still a average corner that can cover pretty well, the only issue from last season is he can’t keep up with younger faster receivers now so if they can get him at a discount price keep him but if not then its time to see if Hayward and Goodson has what it takes! This is why they were drafted in the first place to replace aging TW and Shields down the road!

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