2015 Pre-Season

Jones Reportedly Signs With GreenBay

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James Jones is back in Green and Gold according to Ian Rapoport. The signing of Jones adds veteran leadership but with question marks about the 9 year player's declining ability. When the Packers lost Jordy Nelson, the idea of signing Jones became very sexy as a guy who had led the league in touchdowns...but years before. Will the addition of Jones bolster the Packers' wide receiver roster? Will it hamper the development of young players who have high ceilings, like Myles White? Either scenario could be the case as the Packers begin the season against the Bears. (more…)

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Will Abby Clear Waivers?

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Tom Silverstein is reporting that the Packers have released Jared Abbrederis. GPN held a poll and the hundreds of respondents came to a deadlock on what they thought would happen to Abby. While many thought Jared Abbrederis would make the team, that may not be the reality soon. If Silverstein's report is correct, Jared Abbrederis' time with the Packers is in jeopardy but he could still end up with the team on the practice squad if he clears waivers. But here are the numbers from the poll: (more…)

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Brett Hundley Engages Afterburners in Pre-Season

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When the Packers drafted Brett Hundley, I was thrilled. Most were dumbfounded that Thompson would go after a QB but I loved the pick. Still, I figured he would be a work in progress. I expected that he would sit behind Aaron Rodgers while he developed into a quality quarterback. Brett, on the other hand, decided that he was too impatient for the long approach and decided to impress right out of the gates. (more…)

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R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Saints

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I will not rant or rave about this game because the starters were sidelined so the young players could show what they've got. This was their chance to put on film the talents they learned up to this point, for 22 of them it will be their resume to make a case on another team, Thompson and McCarthy have to cut the 75 man roster to 53 by 3pm Saturday so a lot of talented young players will be getting that dreaded message they are wanted in the coach's office. But there will be 10 of those 22 getting a…

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Packernation Poll: Did He Do Enough?

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This one question looms over all the young hopefuls of this latest Packers roster..."Did I do enough?". This weekend, those questions will all be answered by 4:00 pm (ET) tomorrow. In the meantime the speculation will reach a fever pitch and one Packers player in particular is creating a furor. While it is tempting to immediately go to predictions, we here at GPN will save that until a little bit later and put our two cents worth in on this single player that is causing all the ruckus right now. And we want to know what Packernation thinks. (more…)

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