2015 Season

This Difference-Maker Looks to Take the Next Step

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Some guys just seem to have it all...size, speed, and the brains to go with it. When the Packers picked Ty Montgomery before last season, I saw one of the most fluid athletes I have seen in a long time. I predicted that he would be a difference maker and Packernation, for the most part, agreed with their post-draft grades. (more…)

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“Miracle in Motown” Wins Play of the Year

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Rogers to Rogers' game-saving hail Mary on December 3 has been named "Play of the Year" in NFL Honors. The 61 yard bomb from Aaron Rodgers that was completed by Richard Rodgers was a spark in a season that needed something to hang its hat on. Little did Packers fans know that a very similar play would give a beat up Packers team a chance to advance to the NFC Championship at the very end of the season. While the Packers did not win that second game, the two plays serve as bookend reminders that this Packers team has some…

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R & R: Thanks for the Memories

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It saddens me I will be writing a R&R post for the last time, I was not ready for the season to end - especially like this. I am proud of this team for fighting through adversity this year and going as far as they did without many of their star players. (more…)

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Just Felt Like Venting

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I am tired of the media giving the Packer zero chance to win this week. This is the same team who was favored to win Super Bowl 50 at the beginning of the year and through the first six games they were all saying even without Jordy Nelson the Packers are a team to be reckoned with. But after the break for whatever reason the offense lost its mojo and had a hard time scoring points. (more…)

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OP/ED: Anything Can Happen in the Playoffs

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The saying "Anything can happen in the playoffs" may be the Packers biggest advantage this time around. Now that every game is potentially the last, there would be no better time for a few things to bounce the Packers' way instead of in the opposite direction. Now, I know none of us want this Packers team to have to rely on things to just randomly bounce their way but this year, it seems like that may be necessary. It is unfortunate how beat up this team is and while the defense is playing well, the offense has continued to struggle…

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