Legacy of Champions

VOTE: The NFL’s Greatest Game

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VOTE here and SHARE! The NFL's greatest game! NFL.com has created a bracket by which fans can vote for the greatest game and I think Packernation needs to make a statement here. The interface for voting is pretty cool...it's a bracket with a preview for each game. Yeah, it's arbitrary but here is the important part. The "Ice Bowl" of 1967 is on the list and we need to make sure it gets recognized. (more…)

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Immortal Inspiration III

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Just thinking of this today...It is the offseason but the Packers are putting together a team that can right the wrongs of last season! The Coach said it best... (more…)

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How Long Have You Been a Loyal Packers Fan?

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The Packers have the most loyal and longstanding fan-base in the NFL. We can prove it...just check out some of the pictures of some of the great Packers fans that we have corresponded with this year. Then, at the end of the post is a place for you to click the box that represents how long you have been a fan. The Seattle Seahawks can't hold a candle to the Green Bay Packers! Our fans are the BEST! (more…)

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“Ice Bowl” 2

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Bart Starr has had a rough year. Two strokes and a heart attack have made recovery slow. Not much has been said recently but the nearing of his 81st birthday in three days (Jan. 9th) inspired this post. First of all, "Get well soon!" from everybody here at GPN and all of Packernation! And secondly, "Happy birthday!" we hope your road to recovery, however long it may take, will end in complete recovery. Packers fans last week saw Aaron Rodgers go down against the Lions with a calf injury and then fight back to win a critical game for this…

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